We so appreciate your support in helping our company GAMA Vita International Inc. launch our first VITA KCHN brand of kitchen products on!  Our first product is a Stainless-Steel Potato Ricer with an Ultra-Sharp Stainless-Steel Vegetable Peeler

What is a Potato Ricer?

A potato ricer is a kitchen tool used to make silky smooth mashed potatoes, juice fruits, strain or mash other vegetables, make baby food, gnocchi, spaetzle, and more! More info is available on our product page.


We appreciate you for supporting us and in return would like to offer a $5.00 coupon code as a thank you.  Enter the promo code VK88GV88 during check-out to apply the promotion!

How to Find the Product

  1. On your browser or Amazon app, search for:  potato ricer stainless steel

2.  The listing results may likely show our product as “Sponsored” (circled below).  Please do not click those as it costs us money per click.

The correct listing should show WITHOUT the “Sponsored” tag.  Our item should appear within the 1st or 2nd page of the search results.  Please see below examples.

On the Amazon App:

3.  Add the item to cart and then Proceed to Checkout.

4.  Make sure to apply the promo code VK88GV88 to get your $5.00 off.  


We are super grateful for you to try out our product. If the product did not perform up to your expectations, we would appreciate your feedback on how we can improve the product. Just shoot us a message. If you enjoyed the product, it would be tremendous if you can leave a 5-star rating on for our potato ricer.

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