Do I Need a Potato Ricer?

Another Kitchen Gadget?

Kitchen gadgets are aplenty. Take a good look at the gadgets you own. Which ones are useful or just taking up space? Should you or should you not add a potato ricer to your kitchen collection? 

A potato ricer offers many advantages to make mashing/juicing tasks simpler and we think it’s worth considering.  One may even consider it an essential and indispensable kitchen tool!

What is a Potato Ricer?

Let’s get the basics out the way. What is a potato ricer? It’s called a ricer, but it is used for mashing potatoes, carrots, avocados, juicing fruits, and more. Making mashed potatoes with a ricer has the benefit of not over-mixing and over-crushing.

Don’t Over-Mash!

Potatoes are a starch and mashing them releases that starch. Over-mashing and mixing can create a gluey-pastier-starchier mashed potato, not something you want. To make the potatoes smooth again, butter, cream, and other fats will need to be added. Can you save the dish? Probably, but it might not be at its best.

Ricing potatoes is gentler and breaks the potato into the smallest pieces with the least amount of effort. Ricing makes for a silky, fluffy, and light mashed potato without needing as much mashing and mixing as other tools.

Advantages of a Potato Ricer

  1. No peeling of potatoes – Leave the skin on and the ricer is designed to keep the skin away from your dish. You can choose not to peel before boiling the potatoes!
  2. Smooth and Creamy – A ricer produces silky and fluffy mashed potatoes VS chunky when using a fork or masher.
  3. Multi-purpose – Used for all sorts of dishes like guacamole, hummus, and juicing fruits. It’s also perfect for pureeing vegetables and fruits for baby food, pie stuffing, and side dishes. Use the ricer to crush tomatoes into a sauce. The possibilities are endless!

From everyday cooking, to family gatherings, and festive occasions, you will find a use for a potato ricer!  If you want to check out our potato ricer, then please click here.

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